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Venturis Ventis Three ago-old packs each control these lands. The Vertok, loyal and kind. The Sanzin,sly and cruel. Amoung the forest's shadows, lurk the Au'Dar, distrustful and mysterious On the outskirts a Guild gathers loners from across all territories. Each with different values, what will happen when these packs cross paths?


Site Update.We've just had a major shake up in leadership in the Au'Dar pack, who knows how this is going to change things! Could the peace between packs be coming to end? Keep an eye out for another event coming to the forum soon!


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Overall Plot
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The Drought
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MercuriorSeasonal Event

Venturis Ventis means the Changing of the Winds, so as time moves on we plan on releasing arcs that will release new packs and events. The current arc of events is here.

The Vertok
by Cheshire Jul 20, 2021 19:57:34 GMT

Unlocked Lore

The magnanimous and tightly-knit wolves of the mountain

The Sanzin
by Cheshire Jul 20, 2021 19:58:34 GMT

Unlocked Lore

The power-hungry and self-centered wolves of the plains.

The Au'Dar
by Cheshire Jul 20, 2021 19:57:37 GMT

Unlocked Lore

The mysterious and distrusting wolves of the forest.


Shepherd | Pawn of Vertok
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The Wolves

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duty driven
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Den SiteCavesMountain Spring

The Vertok live in the northeast in the former territory of the Sanzin. It is a land of vast mountain ranges and rolling hills and valleys.

Den SiteForestRiverShore and Ocean

The Sanzin can be found in the south in land taken from the Vertok. They have the largest territory. It is the only territory with easy access to the ocean which lies on the south and southeast edges.

Den SiteGardenCitadel

The Au'Dar live in a region entirely covered by forest. Located west of the Vertok and Sanzin territories, it is slightly smaller than the Sanzin's territory.

by Cheshire Aug 29, 2021 16:39:48 GMT

The Central OakOpen PlainsSouthern ForestNorthern ForestThe Lake

The Neutral territories consists of a large area in a half circle around Ashana's Oak with prongs stretching a few miles north, east, and west southwest.

This is the place where you can post a one shot story to further develop your character.


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All previous completed summaries of arcs and events are here.

And My Mind Wonders
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